Friday, February 22, 2013


OTC OTC6604 Transmission Fluid Fill Adapter (Google Affiliate Ad)

got 2 of them

one is remote style

one has Th400 adapter and also rear parking brake which is rare and usefull for hot rods or big trucks w/out parking brake in axle.

I have 1 Gear Vendors unit
extra adapters and controls and deep sump pan and mounting brackets
description and pics here;

 unit has TH400 adapter and also has a parking brake built onto the back end for you 4x4 or street/hot rod guys who dont have rear parking brake.

I also have a 2nd adapter for any GV unit to bolt to a chevy SM465 4 speed stick transmission.
allows you to double gears(first not reccomended) or split gears and add overdrive to your classic truck.

 one adapter for $800.


or you can buy a brand new unit for $3,000 plus adapter from GV plus shipping.

calls only answered after 8pm(when my girls are in bed)