Sunday, July 28, 2013

Partial list of vehicles for sale

1948 black clamshell suburban

1953 barn door suburban

1951 shortbed truck

1950 clamshell suburban

1950 flatbed truck

1953 panel truck

1950 panel truck 4x4

1970 chevy longbed truck

1952 GMC suburban

1950 blue shortbed 1/2ton

1951 5 window

1952 yellow longbed

1954 longbed

1949-1953 longbed (cab TBD)

1956 longbed

1954 GMC 2t

1951 perfect 2t

1951 shortbed 5 window penelope

1951 shortbed 5 window patina

1954 GMC shortbed 5 window

1951 5 window tow truck

1955 GMC shortbed

1948 shortbed 5 window wreck

1948 GMC 3 ton

1952 shortbed with clip

1947 5 window dent

1950 stripped shortbed

1954 bare cab

1950 shortbed bare

keep checking back as I will update each link with pics and description as I get time. Prices are not posted-contact me for pricing or make offer.

unless noted in posting-none have engines.
No suburbans have seats.
I have several empty shortbed frames
unless noted-all pictures represent truck as is-no extra parts included.

I also have some COE frames and engines with NO body parts but have motors/carbs and other parts VERY specific to your COE if you are restoring.

all located 96021
you may contact me via email
if you wish a return phone call-please provide phone number

keywords chevy,gmc,chevrolet,truck, COE, panel, pickup, suburban, 1947,1948,1949,1950,1951,1952,1953,1954,1955, 47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55

1950 shortbed bare

another stripped bare shortbed with door dent and dings-nothing major and no real rust.

1954 bare cab

no frame or anything. just a cab. shortbed frames available but I dont think I have any 54/5 frames in shortbed that are currently empty. I think I have one longbed 54 frame-maybe.

1950 shortbed stripped

nothing but cab in good condition and frame with OEM running gear. no other sheetmetal or drivetrain.

1947 5 window longbed

truck was a playground for DPO kids. bathtub roof, front door crease-no cancer but dents galore.
has deluxe stuff on it and fixable but dang! I think it has a 216 in it too.

1952 shortbed with impala clip

good cab in clean condition with impala front clip with disc brakes.

1948 GMC 3 ton

270 motor currently frozen-unknown condition.

1948 shortbed 5 window wreck

truck was demolished in the front. has good frame from firewall back-perfect candidate for clip job. running boards NOT included. cab is good if you want to graft a good left front corner onto it OR swap cabs or do a front graft-ask me how...

1955 GMC shortbed

cant even tell if it used to be 5 window or not. DPO hacked it up but it does have a great bed, great dash and a 270 motor that turns over by hand.

1950 5 window tow truck

same front fenders as 1/2ton, has diamond plate tow truck bed(no tow rigging)
better than expected condition. currently has 1954 or 1955 front fenders bolted to it that could work. fenders are chevrolet/GMC and grill/hood is GMC only. front group available seperately.

1955 GMC shortbed 5 window rat rod

comes with the ghetto chopped rat rod cab or for a little extra you can buy the original 5 window 55 GMC cab.
has good 248 motor that did turn over and had low miles. rat chop was done by DPO. not cool for such a clean truck! some grill parts are missing courtesy of DPO.

1951 shortbed 5 window patina-SOLD


nice truck but has rust. only one of my pile of trucks that has real rust.
cowl vent rust, front of bed-panel needs replaced, bottoms of doors have minor rust, might need repair or patch panels on front floorboards. has an updated 235 in it, no idea of condition.
it is a shortbed 5 window with no frame rust though.

1951 5 window shortbed deluxe Penelope-SOLD

great deluxe truck with trim. has 216 that did run a number of years ago. is a 1/2ton shortbed and is in very good condition. minor front floorboard rust-no holes, no patch panels needed. no cab corner rust.

1951 perfect 2t

this body is immaculate. zero rust at all. zero dents. sooo perfect. also has a 230 or 250 late model running 6 in it.